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**New Time**
OHRV Club meets the third Wednesday of the Month at 6:00 pm in the Waumbek Methna Snowmachine Club House at 116 Presidentail Highway call Lisa Snowman for info


                                                                  VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

Jefferson Festival Committee - contact Bette Bovio at bettebovio@yahoo.com or 586-7002
Jefferson Athletic Association - contact Cindy Silver at  thesilvers940608@yahoo.com or 631-1896  website: http://jaarecreation.wixsite.com/jaarecreation  
Jefferson Elementary School PTA - contact Christina Laflamme at cbrooks837@gmail.com or jesparentteachersassoc@gmail.com


Jefferson Historical Society - contact Lauren Jacquart at  myminimom@gmail.com


Jefferson Public Library - Joy McCorkhill, Librarian at lookitup@ne.rr.com or 586-7791